Specialized Consulting Services to help you solve your problems with dies and metal stamping operations and save you money!

Progressive Die Troubleshooting--The mechanical complexity of these dies and the interplay of movements caused by press problems means that die malfunctions can be quite hard to diagnose.  The combination of theoretical training in the mechanical engineering master's program and many years of hands-on examination of die malfunctions have enabled Mark Williams to find solutions that many experienced die makers miss.  Sometimes these problems can be analyzed at long distance, using photographs and descriptions of symptoms.

Die Maintenance

Die Maintenance and Design Training--Formal training in the die making field is hard to find and Williams has had many hours of providing down-to-earth practical training--much of it in the Spanish language.  Die design and maintenance skills are particularly in short supply in Mexico and it is there that Williams has had the most experience in training.

Doing Business in Mexico--Eleven years actually operating in Mexico and many more years involved with Mexican operations at a distance give Williams a practical knowledge of how business is conducted and what might be expected--the sort of knowledge that rarely finds its way into text books.

Die Design Review--The cheapest way to solve a die functionality problem is to detect it prior to construction.  Williams' years of hands-on involvement in solving die problems have equipped him to find problems in the design state, when a few hours of review (not involving travel) can save many times the cost of this effort.

Plant Site Location in Mexico--Having someone familiar with the territory can save lots of money and grief when a plant site selection is being considered.  Williams has helped locate three plants in Mexico and has travelled almost the entire country during the past 20 years.

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