IMS Buhrke-Olson (formerly known as Olson Internacional)
Matamoros, Mexico [contract metal stamper]

Bettcher Manufacturing
Reynosa, Mexico [contract metal stamper]

Gonher de Mexico
Santa Catarina, Mexico [prominent manufacturer of oil filters in Mexico]

Monterrey, Mexico [contract metal stamper]

Monterrey, Mexico [precision machining and progressive dies]

New Braunfels, Texas [manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment]

New Braunfels Smoker Company
New Braunfels, Texas [manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment]

Star Manufacturing
New Braunfels, Texas [contract metal stamper]

CMC Steel Texas (formnerly known as SMI Steel Group, Division of Commercial Metals)
Seguin, Texas [Steel plant manufacturing operations specialist]

Continental Automotive Systems (formerly known as Motorola Automotive Electronics Division)
Seguin, Texas [Assemble electronic devices (complex) for the automotive industry]

Nava Hermanos
San Nicolás de los Garza [Metal Stamping contract]

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