Specialized Consulting Services to help you solve your problems with dies and metal stamping operations and save you money!

Mark Williams is an experienced graduate Mechanical Engineer with two degrees M.S.M.E.
University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin
from the University of Texas with a stint in the U.S. Navy in between. His first job was as General Manager of a small plant in Dallas and his most recent was as owner of a tool and die manufacturing facility located in Monterrey, Mexico. Not yet ready to retire, he now provides technical consulting services and training both in Spanish and English. He lives near San Antonio and Austin.

As a work life span of this many years would suggest, he has accumulated much practical experience, but there are a few main areas in which he has unique abilities and knowledge. They are in the field of metal stampings and progressive dies, insightful mechanical design abilities, and a profound working knowledge of manufacturing in Mexico. Along the way, he also spent two years as plant manager of a world class automotive specialty electrical connector manufacturer.

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